April 28, 2014

Walk for Hunger

I don’t usually hit my readers up for money. If ever there was a statement so obviously about to be followed by a “however,” it’s that one.

In high school, every year I participated in Boston’s Walk for Hunger, a twenty-mile walk that raises money for Project Bread, a fantastic organization committed to building the food systems and developing the policies needed to make sure Massachusetts families have enough to eat. When we moved back to Boston a couple of years ago, I got my family to join in. This Sunday, May 4, we’ll be doing it again.

Last year, Lilah did the first five miles, most of it in a stroller. This year, she’s committed to completing 2.5 miles, making it to the first checkpoint. Benjamin did five miles last year. This year, he wants to do 7.5 to get to checkpoint three. Zachary, trooper that he is, did all twenty miles last year, and he’s hoping to do it again this year. The kids held a lemonade, cookie, and origami stand to raise money, which was pretty awesome except that we ended up with a lot of leftover origami.

If you feel you can, please consider sponsoring us by clicking right here. I’m hoping we can raise over $1500 as a family this year, but whatever we raise will help to make sure families are fed.

And May the Fourth be with you.

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  • Reply Poker Chick May 1, 2014 at 1:37 pm

    OK, first of all, ain’t nothing wrong with leftover origami. And second of all, the fact that Z did 20 miles is just…fucking…awesome.

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