November 21, 2013

A Love Letter


We’re all delighted you are on your way home. Since you left Saturday morning, a few things have happened. You already know about the religious school fiasco, the puppet show drama, OKP, late-night sheet changing, and periodic weeping. I believe I also filled you in on the demonstration of why Mommy’s patience is like a jar of coins that gets depleted and the incident that led to me feeling the need to explain why Mommy’s patience is like a jar of coins that gets depleted.

However, since we’ve been in different time zones, you may have missed out on a few things, such as the nap linens that came home from school in need of laundering (and the shoes in need of same); the homework that was left at school, retrieved, done with the babysitter while I was managing another child’s DI team, and then redone in the morning before school in between bites of eggs; and the 5:00 PM realization that we had no bread for school lunches. Zachary was a trouper and agreed to eat a sandwich made out of the flimsy little shaving at the end that can’t really be legitimately called a slice of bread.

A few items of note. You’ll notice Benjamin’s masking-tape bridge project has expanded considerably; just duck and weave as you maneuver around his room. The rubbish bins are still sitting outside the garage, even though collection was yesterday morning; I’m sure they’ll find their way inside at some point. I’ve completely stopped bringing in mail and it is starting to overflow the mailbox, but I did give the postwoman a nice cookie sometime around Monday, back when I was still cooking. Also, don’t mind the mountain of laundry on our bed; the kids are likely to eventually run out of something and decide to sort it and put it away on their own, right?

I understand you will be arriving back at the house just about when school lets out but then plan to leave again two hours later to attend your woodworking class. I am sure that you will be jetlagged and possibly in need of a shower.

Good luck with that.



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    Good luck indeed!

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