November 5, 2012

Early and often

“You know what Tuesday is?” I asked at dinner tonight.

“No, what is it?” Ben asked.

“You have no idea what’s happening on Tuesday?”

“Oh, wait, I know!” Zach piped up. “The election is over!” This may be a clue to how many times he’s heard me mutter I can’t wait for this election to be over.

“That’s right. We vote on Tuesday.”

Through a bite of plain tortilla, Zach exclaimed, “I bet Obama’s going to win.”

Lilah, who never met a two-syllable word she couldn’t turn into a three-syllable word, revealed a mouthful of black bean burrito to opine: “Well, it sure isn’t going to be Raw-meh-ney!”

We have lousy table manners, but we’re committed to the democratic process. See you at the polls.

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