January 17, 2017

Friendship and laughter

Today was a day of friendship and laughter.

I started the day by making pretzel dough, but by the time it had risen and I had shaped it and boiled them and baked them, there were seven kids in my house. “There’s no way those pretzels are making it to the school board meeting,” one of the kids informed me. My kids’ friends seem very comfortable giving me shit. In actual fact, there’s no way the two carpenters working in the basement would have gotten any if I hadn’t snatched the last two and run for the door. The kids also cleared out most of our leftover bread pudding. Tween boys will eat pretty much anything.

I had a friend over, too. 2016 was the year of wonderful new friends, and I’ve connected with some remarkable people. Sarah loves to bake. While we were supposed to bake together all day, she really did the entire apple strudel while I tended to kids and washed dishes and finished the pretzels.

We had nothing for the school board meeting. This is not good. My entire reputation depends upon baked goods at school board meetings. They will kick me out of town if I don’t bring baked goods to school board meetings. Then Benjamin sliced the skin off the tip of his finger while out cutting kindling with my Swiss army knife. Because Vermont. So, I had to tend to him while Sarah began washing dishes. There was kind of a lot of blood. Who knew skin kept so much blood inside your fingertip?

He sat at the counter, hand in the air, while I washed dishes and Sarah continued on her strudel project. Then he wanted tea. So I had to make tea. I began making cookies, but Benjamin, having recovered his equanimity and stopped bleeding, got an additional Band-Aid and took over. Nothing speeds recovery like the chance to cream butter.

Sarah’s strudel turned out pretty well except for the part I was responsible for, which was defrosting the apples. There was a bit of a soggy bottom. I ran a plate of strudel down to the carpenters, too. “You guys should do this every day,” one told me.

“I do!”

Five minutes later, I brought them cookies. The carpenters are kind of gaining a lot of weight.

Friendship today. Friendship and laughter and butter. And a bit of bleeding.

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