January 19, 2017

How do you solve a problem like the walnuts?

“It is unclear how or why, but I have discovered there are an alarming number of walnuts in my home. This seems like the kind of problem in which you may specialize. Any ideas?” That’s what Holly posted on my timeline last night.

I think we all know how to recognize a challenge when we see it.

At first I suggested cookies or a sweet loaf, but she seemed a bit… disoriented… by my assumption that she would just throw together such things. So, I offered up this:

OK, so, take day-old or more bread. Slice or chunk it up. On the stovetop melt butter, maple syrup, and a heavy cream. In a bowl, beat a few eggs. Pour the maple syrup over the eggs and stir. Pour over the bread. Let it sit and soak for at least an hour, then mash it all up until it’s a mush. You may wish to add some sort of alcohol (you’re more the expert on that, but probably a bit of whiskey), but I don’t think you need to. Mix in chopped walnuts, chopped bananas (or some other kind of fruit–pear would work), and maybe some chocolate chips. (If you use pear, I might add a bit of ginger to it.) Bake at maybe 350-375 until the pudding sets.

Maybe I should try making this first and get back to you?

Because again with the recognizing a challenge.

So, 11:30 last night found me melting half a stick of butter, whisking in maple syrup (I don’t know how much—add enough) and a pint of cream, and then pouring it over three beaten eggs. I poured this over several layers of thinly sliced challah and stuck it in the fridge to soak. This morning, when I got up, I mushed up the bread and mixed in the frozen blueberries from my CSA. And walnuts. Then I baked it for a bit over an hour at 375.

It was delicious. But the kids wouldn’t eat it because two of them don’t like cooked fruit and one doesn’t like fruit at all, although he at least picked around the blueberries. Fortunately, I had carpenters here today. And they appreciate a good walnut solution.

And, Holly, it was fantastic. 

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    You’re amazing. Thank you, friend. 🙂

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