October 28, 2013

My new book!

Some of you caught the soft launch last week, but for those who missed it, Princess Wishes and Monorail Dreams is out. Available for download! Ready and waiting!

I’m trying a new model of distribution. I’m giving it away for free and then asking folks to donate to the charity of their choice in return. I’m excited about the possibilities here, but I need your help for it to work. Please, please spread the word. Tweet it and share it and pin it to your kid’s jacket on his way to school. Ask others to share it, too. Then, please leave a comment on the book’s page telling me where you donated. As of this posting, we have 23 comments of different charities. I’m hoping for more than 100 by the end of the week. Please help.

You can get it on my page or by going to Goodreads. Where you can also *ahem* review it. Just a friendly suggestion…

I know I can count on you, my band of merry readers. You’re small (like, really small) but loyal to all my harebrained schemes.

Thanks, folks.

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