January 9, 2017

On politics and drywall

An unanticipated side effect of baking every day is that we have a bit of a backlog of baked goods. We never finished Friday’s challah, and normally that would mean French toast for dinner, but who wants French toast for dinner followed by cookies for dessert? Other than everyone, I mean.

Some of the excess we can pawn off on the poor, unsuspecting drywallers who are working on our garage. However, it does seem that drywallers eat less than carpenters do. When I had seven carpenters here every day, there was no backlog of baked goods. The plumbers were similarly helpful, and the electricians certainly pitched in. Our GC has never said “no” to food. Like, ever. But he’s not around much, and I’m left with the drywallers who do not pull their weight on the whole baked-goods consumption thing.

Fortuitously, I am running for school board. School board meetings are a bit intense right now, and lots of people are showing up. Which is perfect, because no matter what side you take on educational issues, there’s nothing better than a freshly-baked roll.

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