January 17, 2017

Friendship and laughter

Today was a day of friendship and laughter. I started the day by making pretzel dough, but by the time it had risen and I had shaped it and boiled them and baked them, there were seven kids in my house. “There’s no way those pretzels are making it to the school board meeting,” one of the kids informed me. My kids’ friends seem very comfortable giving me shit. In actual fact, there’s no way the two carpenters working in…

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January 16, 2017

Lines composed 3147.25 miles from Tintern Abbey

I’m sitting on the window seat in my library, covered with a black and green flannel blanket. I hear occasional cracks as the fire dies down in the living room, the dogs are curled up on beds, the cat has taken to his spot on a beam over the living room. Children are asleep throughout the house—some mine, some belonging to other people. I’ve always wanted a house where other people’s children feel welcome, where there’s noise and space to…

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January 14, 2017

When bad bakes happen to good people

It has been THREE DAYS since I’ve told you what I’m baking, and that’s unacceptable. It’s just that I’m running for local office and working on an assignment and mourning the death of my country and all. I have, however, been baking. Wednesday was Hebrew school day, which means I spend all day checking to make sure I have all the supplies I need for my class and then we don’t get home until 6:30. Popovers take all of five…

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January 11, 2017

More for me

Yesterday sucked. Like, eight ways from Sunday. I’m not kidding. The details aren’t important, but basically cleaning up Marley’s diarrhea at 5:30 in the morning was not the worst part of my day. Not by a long shot. It wasn’t even in the worst three things that happened. There is clearly only one solution when this kind of shit happens. You’ve gotta cream some butter. Like, a lot of butter. We have this amazing cookbook: The Search for the Perfect…

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January 9, 2017

On politics and drywall

An unanticipated side effect of baking every day is that we have a bit of a backlog of baked goods. We never finished Friday’s challah, and normally that would mean French toast for dinner, but who wants French toast for dinner followed by cookies for dessert? Other than everyone, I mean. Some of the excess we can pawn off on the poor, unsuspecting drywallers who are working on our garage. However, it does seem that drywallers eat less than carpenters…

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January 8, 2017

Meanwhile, over at the co-op…

I love Hunger Mountain Co-op in Montpelier. Love, love, love it. Not just for the locally-fermented kimchi and the gluten-free hemp popsicles, but for how it makes me feel. You see, the co-op is the only place where I can feel totally normal. Everywhere else I go, I’m the big personality, the weird one who sings “The Pina Colada Song” loudly in public, the lady who might possibly be funny and might possibly be crazy and you’re not quite sure…

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January 8, 2017

International baccalaureate

We recently went on a vacation. An honest-to-god, travel-someplace-else vacation. With the kids. In Costa Rica. I’m not going to tell you about the rainforest or the dolphins or the blue morpho. I’m not even going to tell you about the monkeys playing over my head for fifteen minutes while I lay in a hammock. OK, I just told you about that. What I’d like to tell you about is the bathroom. Lilah was first into the water closed. “Mom,”…

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January 7, 2017

Then again, maybe I’ll bake

Yesterday, I made English muffins. I was inspired by The Great British Baking show, but not enough to weigh out the dough and make twelve perfectly identical muffins. Because I have a life. I’m lying. Actually, I don’t have a life. That’s why I bake all the time. Anyway, English muffin dough isn’t particularly hard, especially since I now own a stand mixer. What is hard, apparently, is getting them cooked all the way through. See, they look fantastic on…

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January 5, 2017


Day 3 As I poured the warm mixture into nine individual serving dishes, I was delighted—delighted—that my vanilla pudding had no lumps in it. That meant I had avoided cooking the eggs. Unfortunately, it turns out I avoided cooking the eggs by avoiding cooking the pudding, and it never set. Today, I poured out nine individual serving dishes of murky yellow liquid. Day 4 I am volunteering to teach at our Hebrew school. This is somewhat problematic, as I don’t…

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January 4, 2017

Scrambled eggs

Day two! Leftover egg yolks. Not enough for a yellow cake, but just the right number for vanilla pudding. Last time I made it, there were a few lumps. Not lumps like the time Jeff tried to make frozen custard and instead made maple scrambled egg ice cream, which would have been better with bits of bacon in it served on top of biscuits. But still a bit on the lumpy side. Time to get it right. Egg yolks, sugar,…

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