December 17, 2012

Scrooge’s gift recommendations

My husband calls me a Scrooge because I hate the unending Christmas carols and nonstop commercialism this time of year. I would like to state for the record that I do love when people decorate their houses, focus on family, celebrate with their churches, and do kind things for others. It’s the Mall Component of Christmas that I hate, so I hide as much as I can.

In case you’re like me and are hiding but still need to get last-minute gifts, I’m going to do you a solid and make a few recommendations:

1) Punjammies: My disclaimer is that I can’t verify that everything they say about The Princess Project is true, but if it is, then these pjs are made by women freed from forced prostitution. And they are fabulous. I know because I just bought my first pair. I’m a hot sleeper, so I need really light pajamas, and these are made of light fabric. They’re made of just the most beautiful fabrics and feel just lovely on.

2) Napkins from GIANNA Fair Trade: I can indeed verify that Gianna is the real deal, having written not one but two stories about her. Her mother was a mail-order bride, and Gianna decided that she wanted to give women like her mom other options beyond prostitution and mail-order marriages. We’ve had these napkins for a couple of years and they have held up beautifully. I recently bought more because I needed additional napkins, not because they were in any way worn. Yes, they are expensive, but that’s because the women who make them are paid a living wage. When Benjamin tries to put holes in them at dinner, my husband stops him, admonishing, “These were woven by a woman in Laos just for us.” (If you get the blue, wash them separately in hot water the first time; natural dyes bleed more.) These are an amazing hostess gift, by the way.

3) My girl, Coco, has a new Etsy store. She doesn’t have her oven mitts up there yet, but she has them for sale, so message her if you need oven mitts. She’s made me a custom set that I can’t wait to get. Her crafts make really nice hostess gifts, as well.

4) The Thinking Girl’s Treasury series, both the Dastardly Dames books and the Real Princesses. I have touted these before, but I love them that much.

5) Oxfam would be delighted if you made a donation in honor of someone. These people are the Cadillac of human rights work. They make people’s lives better, yo.

6) If you prefer a direct donation to a particular person in need, maybe consider Small Can Be Big. I wrote one of their profiles, and I’ve been donating to the lady who needs a washing machine in honor of various people I need gifts for.

(None of these reviews were solicited, by the way, and the people listed here have no idea I wrote them.)

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  • Reply Coco Rogers December 17, 2012 at 1:05 am

    You are amazing. Thank you for putting me up here with these truly special organizations and gifts.

    I am totally going to look into those punjammies, too. We have the down comforter that would keep us warm in Antarctica in deepest winter, so I can’t stand anything heavy.

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