July 15, 2015

The road more traveled

So, I took the dog on a hike today because, well, because that’s what we do. And we’re going to skip over the part where he chased a bleating baby deer and ignored me when I called him off and I failed to think clearly enough to grab for the deer instead of the dog and then he ran off into the woods and then the bleating stopped and the dog disappeared for fifteen minutes during which I can only assume he was consuming said baby deer while I called for him.

Deer are overpopulated anyway.

We got up to the spot I’d hoped to make and still had a bit of time, so I turned right and followed the sign for Clara Bow. This trail was a bit more challenging—narrow, next to a precipice, and so forth. We were doing all right until I got to this.


You see that blue arrow? That’s the blaze. It points to the next part of the trail. Which is this.


See that blue blaze down there? I’m supposed to hike down there to get to it. Now, granted, someone left a wooden ladder off to the side, so I could use that, if I were up for leaning across a chasm to grab a ladder, trying to balance it from the top, and then climbing down without anyone spotting me.

Or, I could turn around, go back up the narrow trail next to the precipice, turn left where I had turned right, and be rewarded with this just a few hundred yards on.


The dog liked it, too, although he was burping a bit. See above re: baby deer.

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  • Reply blah July 27, 2017 at 8:29 pm

    If that was supposed to be funny it wasn’t. Dog mauling baby deer. Yeah, you’re a hoot. Not.

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