January 7, 2017

Then again, maybe I’ll bake

Yesterday, I made English muffins. I was inspired by The Great British Baking show, but not enough to weigh out the dough and make twelve perfectly identical muffins. Because I have a life.

I’m lying. Actually, I don’t have a life. That’s why I bake all the time.

Anyway, English muffin dough isn’t particularly hard, especially since I now own a stand mixer. What is hard, apparently, is getting them cooked all the way through. See, they look fantastic on the outside.

And eight of them look good on the inside. And four of them… well…

Today was Shabbat, and I always make challah on Shabbat. Usually, I hand knead, which is fantastic for getting out aggression. It also means I have to get up half an hour earlier on Fridays. It turns out that the stand mixer can actually knead the dough while I’m making breakfast. Which means I have less aggression to get out in the first place.

I threw together some self-saucing puddings tonight. Last time, they came out perfectly. This time, they were a bit overbaked. They still tasted delicious, but they weren’t exactly saucing themselves.

Tomorrow is a day off, as I’m gone all day, but Sunday is shaping up to be a good day in the kitchen. Maybe started as a good day in snowshoes. To offset the good day in the kitchen.

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