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People are always asking me whether I work or stay home with the kids. That’s a damned good question.

Come to think of it, people ask me a lot of damned good questions. So, for the record, I have no idea where I am from – depends on how you define “from.” No, I don’t work outside of the home – unless you count taking three kids to the grocery store. But, I am a freelance writer, so I work in the home, both taking care of my family and writing. And I haven’t the faintest of clues why Wonder Woman carries a rope.

My son asked me that last one.

I have three children. Zachary was born in 2004, Benjamin in 2006, and Lilah in 2008. Those aren’t their real names, and I don’t post pictures. I also don’t write about my husband or our sex life. My mother-in-law reads the blog.

I live in Massachusetts. For two years, we lived in a small, small town in New Jersey, but we wearied of seeing straight, white, nice, Christian people as far as the eye could see. So now we live in a Boston suburb where people come from all over and speak dozens of different languages, and where our synagogue marches in the yearly Pride Parade. Also, the parents stand at the edge of the pool giving their kids instructions during swimming lessons. You can’t win ’em all.

I’ve also lived in Los Angeles, London, Philadelphia, Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, and Florida. I get around.

I think that covers it, but feel free to contact me, should you think of any more damned good questions.


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